Add Glamour To Pallet Racks – Accessorize!

Accessories add intrinsic value to anything that adorns. Mentioning the term ‘Accessory’ in a blog that talks about pallet racking may not be apt for some, but it does make sense if you want your pallet rack to be more than just another pallet rack! There is an array of common accessories that can be used on all racking solutions, irrespective of whether these are retail display racks, warehouse storage racks or supermarket racks.

Popular Pallet Rack Accessories For You

Column Protectors
With many common names such as upright protector or post protector, the column protector, is a very popular and useful accessory. The base of Uprights at times is susceptible to damage thanks to forklifts. The base of the upright is very critical as it supports the entire frame. Damage to the base can impact the whole structure thereby forcing it to collapse sooner or later. Column Protectors come in different sizes and colors. You can choose those that deemed fit according to the usage and glamour quotient you are willing to add to the racking system. Apart from adding that extra spice & color to the columns, it also helps in saving money in the long run.

Wall Ties & Row Spacers
If you want to enhance the stability of the entire structure, there are no better options than the wall ties and row spacers. Wall Ties, true to the name, are used to tie the pallet rack upright to the wall (more often than not) or any other structure that will offer better support and balance. It is popularly used for single rows of uprights. Row Spacers attach two bays back to back to give extra stability to any double runs. These are fixed typically at about 6 inches from both the top and the bottom of the uprights, not more than 10 inches apart.

Wire Decks
Last but never the least in the list are wire decks. Being the most commonly used pallet rack accessories prevalent today, these decking systems resemble a steel mesh that swathes beams and offer secondary support to pallets irrespective of what the load may be. Though it is not specifically designed for point loading, it can bear loads of 2500-3000 pounds. The front and rear rack beams would play a role in supporting the load nevertheless. Wire Decks are also popular as effective retail storage solutions in Super & Hyper Markets.

Locking Pins
These pins fit nicely into the beams preventing frame dislodgements. These are popularly used as safety measures in warehouses and other storage spaces.

Support Bars
The Support Bars are used to offer balance to the entire structure. These bars sit on the beams and help accommodate odd sized pallets ensure that the weight is evenly spread across for better balance.

Anti-Collapse Screens
Offering additional safety to the storage area, these anti-collapse screens resemble mesh like frames that can prevent small items from falling off the rear end of racks. However, these are best used in single run pallet racking systems. Anti-collapse screens present a neat and chic look apart from offering pedestrian safety. Hence, these have made the cut into retail display solutions as well.