Garage is a part of the home, which is designed to store vehicles. For many people, it serves not only as a parking area, but also as a workshop, gym, offices, etc. People who use garage for storage facility must know the significance of using shelves for organizing things in a better way.

You have two options in installing storage shelves for garages. Either they can avail prefabricated one or construct them on-site. If you are good in handling tools then, custom building is the best choice to implement. It will let you save money that you need to pay for professionals. Simultaneously, you can maximize the available space according to your need. You can get required hardware and tools from local home centre and discount stores.

A chunk of plywood is enough to create a garage shelf. Use long screws to attach studs to the brackets. Next, join the storage shelves to the brackets. You can enhance the strength of garage shelves by providing a support at each stud.

When selecting prefabricated shelves, you must select that are modifiable. It will allow you to attain flexibility when placing items with different dimensions. Try to obtain garage shelves that can be adjustable at two different heights. It will minimize the risk of altering or modifying the structure of shelves.

Image Courtesy to Donracks Racks Manufacturers.

Product Description
This Hi & Dri Storage Pallet (small grid kit) lets you store goods and and supplies up and off the floor, safely above flooding, leaks, moisture, dirt and dust. Perfect for basements, garages, sheds, and storage units. Helps prevent damage to large boxes and big, bulky items that won’t fit on conventional shelves. A great alternative to heavy wooden pallets that transmit moisture and makeshift solutions of bricks and boards. Safely store files, inventory, wardrobes, furniture, yard and pet supplies, bulk supplies, recyclables. Supports up to 300 pounds. The Small Kit can make a pallet of four square feet. It contains 5 two-foot rails, 2 one-foot rails, and 4 corner connectors. The Large Kit can make a pallet of 12 square feet, depending on the user’s requirements. It contains 10 two-foot rails and 8 corner connectors. Be sure to see the ‘Other Info’ tab for more images of the Hi & Dri Storage Pallet in action! Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy. Made in America
Color: Brown
Size: 3.5″H x 24″W x 24″D
Modular garage organizer
Made of durable plastic, so it won’t rot or rust
Open deck grid design allows air to circulate underneath stored items

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