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Impact of GST on Wood and Pallet Products

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GST Council decides the GST prices in India. The GST prices will be imposed on five rates such as NIL, 28%, 18%, and 12%. As GST has been launched in India from July 1, 2017, the GST price for all the services and goods have been regulated. Let us discuss the GST price for articles made using wood, wooden furniture and wood and ways to file GST return.

Guide to GST return

Service and goods tax is a subsidiary tax implemented from July 2017 all over India. When it comes to filing of GST return, the taxpayers who are running their business and firms all over India be it intrastate or interstate, they are eligible to file GST return as mentioned by the indirect tax department and GST council. GST return involves the filing of taxes using GSTR forms as per the eligibility criteria and slabs.

GST return guide for wooden furniture and Wood with HSN Code
HSN code begins with 44 relates to articles of wood, wood, and wood charcoal. According to the kind of wooden items, you need to file GST return. The rate would differ from 0% to 28%.

GST price for wood charcoal, firewood, and wood chips
As per GST, fuelwood or firewood and wood charcoal including nut charcoal or shell whether or not gathered are not chargeable. Wood in particles or chips: scrap and wood waste and sawdust: Whether or not gathered in logs, pellets, briquettes or related forms is charged at 5% GST.

GST return guide for wooden furniture and wood attracts 12% GST

The following kinds of wooden articles and wood come under 12% GST.

  • GST price for wood charcoal and firewood.Wood flour, wood wool.
  • Hoopwood, pickets, piles, split poles and pales of wood, pointed however not sawn lengthwise, roughly trimmed wooden sticks but not turned, bent or worked, ideal for manufacturing of umbrellas, walking sticks, tool handles and other similar things.
  • Tramway or railway sleepers of wood
  • Certain articles that contain wood- cotton stalk speck board, bagasse board, sisal fiberboards, GRG or glass fiber reinforced gypsum board, rice husk board, jute particleboard, cement fused particleboard.
  • Packing cases, drums, crates, boxes and related packings of wood: pallets, cable containers of wood, box pallets and various load boards, pallet bands of wood.
  • Inlaid wood and wood marquetry, cases or caskets for cutlery or jewelry and related articles of wood, wooden furniture articles, ornaments of wood and statuettes.
  • Tool bodies, tools, broom, tool handles, broom handles and brush bodies, shoe or boot lasts.
  • Tubs, vats, barrels, casks and coopers parts and products made up of wood comprising staves.
  • Various articles of wood like spools, clothes hangers, sewing thread reels, bobbins, cops, spools and similar to that of turned wood utilized in several textile machinery. Pencil slats, match splints, portions of wood such as paddles, oars, and rudders for boats, ships, and several similar floating structures, chunks of domestic ornamental articles like kitchenware and tableware. Check Out – the impact of GST rate on wood and wooden furnitures.

GST return guide for wooden products and wood that attracts 18% GST

Some of the wooden article and wood that comes under 18% GST are as follows:

  • Image That Depicts The GST Concept - GST Text Written On Wooden Blocks.Kitchenware and tableware of wood
  • Bamboo flooring tiles
  • Resin fused bamboo mat board without or with veneer in between
  • Wood that includes friezes and strips for parquet flooring which are not assembled, endlessly designed grooved, tongued, v-jointed, chamfered, rebated, rounded, or molded along with its faces or edges whether or not sanded, planed or end jointed
  • Wood chipped or sawn
  • Wood in the coarse

GST return guide for wooden products and wood that attracts 28% GST

Some of the wooden articles and wood that comes under 28% GST are as follows:

  • Objects of densified wood that are not specified or included, wood paving blocks, portions of domestic ornamental articles like kitchenware and tableware.
  • Carpentry of wood and builders joinery including assembled floor panels, cellular wood panels, shakes, and shingles.
  • Wooden frames for photographs, paintings, mirrors, and similar objects.
  • Densified wood in the form of strips, plates, blocks, and profile shapes.
  • Veneered panels, plywood, and related laminated wood.
  • Fibre panel of wood and other ligneous materials, bonded or not bonded with organic substances or resins other than particular boards.
  • Oriented Standard Board (OSB), particleboard and related board for instance wafer board of wood and associated ligneous materials, agglomerated or not agglomerated with organic building substances or resins apart from specified boards.
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