Choosing Your Wood Pallet

Wood pallets can be an alternative to costly wood frames to renovate your house. Wood pallet frames are usually used in packages for shipping materials. Yellow pine and oak are used to make wood pallets. While pine pallets are cheap and readily available, oak pallets are preferred for their strength and durability. Wood pallets that are chosen for indoor use or domestic purpose are exempted from chemical treatment. Wood pallets without any marking or stamping are safe to use indoor.

Wood Pallets for Indoor

Wood pallets that are selected to be used indoor must meet some specific standards. Wood pallets that are treated or fumigated must not be used indoor. Take care to choose pallets that are marked with codes such as KN or DB or HT.

Avoid choosing wood pallets that have signs of spill or spots or stains. Next, check if they smell like wood. Even if they are old, they must not smell like chemicals, but like wood. Painted pallets are not suitable for projects at home, for they may invite legal charges.

Getting Your Wood Pallets

Wood pallets can be easily purchased from shipping companies. You will be able to get information regarding products that are shipped in them and if they are safe to be used indoors. Oversized wood pallets can be purchased from motorcycle dealers, for they dispose of pallets regularly.

Pet supply stores may be the best place to get your softwood pallets. Moreover, as they are used to ship animal supplies, it will also be safe to be used in your indoor projects. Wood pallets from construction sites are also safe to use, for they are used to transport materials that are not toxic. Wood pallets from lumber yards are also safe to use indoor.

Treating Wood Pallets

Simple steps are there to treat your wood pallets before using indoor. Clean your wood pallets with bleach mixed in soap water. After a thorough cleaning, leave your wood pallets to dry before you use your wood pallets. If you want to break your wood pallets, do it with hammers or crowbars. Remove the dirt on the surface by using a sander. Use natural beeswax on your wood pallets if you want to get that antique finish. If you’re going to cut wood pallets in the shapes of your choice, avoid cutting near holes or cracks in the wood.