Recycled Wood Pallet Frames

Wood pallet frames are used mostly while transporting goods from one place to another for safe dispatch. You can use wood pallet frames in your garden to build your garden landscape with your personal touch. Wood pallet frames can be used to create your eco-friendly garden to grow vegetables and flowers at home. Wood Pallet frames are readily available, and there is no need for you to look for extra help.

Wood Pallet Designs

The latest trend in gardening is using wood pallet frames to build your garden without spending more. Wood pallets reduce your time spent in looking for weeds as they will not allow weeds to grow along with your flowering plants. Wood pallet frames come as a blessing to those who love to maintain a garden but don’t have the space to do so.

Vertical gardens built with wood pallet frames give you the space to grow your flowers or herbs or vegetables. Walls created with the wood pallet frames may become heavy when loaded with wet soil. So care should be taken to secure the pots with metal brackets, clips, and wood screws.

Wood Pallet Garden

Wood pallet frames will help you to have your raised garden bed where you can grow your flowering plants. The loose soil added to the raised beds will help plants to have healthy roots and so fresh leaves and flowers. The raised garden bed height can be from 6 to 12 inches. You can use landscape fabric to line your raised bed to keep the soil in place when you water your plants. Wood pallet frames can be used to build the garden bench that will help you to take rest after pulling weeds on a hot day.

With wood pallet frames, you can build your wood pallet planter box. The slots on this planter box can be used to raise your petunias or million bells or perennial succulents or trailing annuals. The planter boxes can be used as hanging baskets also.

Wood Pallet Protection

Protecting your garden is also a must. The wood pallet garden fence will help you to protect your rose plants from woodchucks or rabbits. If you add plastic bird nets to your wood pallet frames, it can save your garden from invisible pests also. A garden swing made of reinforced wood pallets and vinyl zippered mattress covers with cushions will provide you a space for relaxation.