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Make your Pallet Steps at home!

In this article, we are going to show how to build your Pallet steps, using Pallet Wood. These don’t include deck attached to the Pallet Steps.

Tell us, if you want to see DIY including a deck with the Pallet Wooden Steps.!

DIY Pallet Wooden Steps

The following are the steps to build your own Pallet Wooden Steps,

Determine a plan.

What kind of Pallet steps do you want to build? If you want something strong, using plywood may not be a good idea. We would suggest you use Pallet Woods (browse through our site).

Determine how many steps your Pallet Steps should have. Buy stringers according to the number of steps your Pallet Steps should have

Calculate the number of steps – The number of steps for your pallet depends on the height of your Pallet Steps.

Cutting the stringers

Have an accurate measurement of the distance between the lower to the height of the finished floor, to make it accurate, have an allowance of-of 1 inch too high or low from the given size. Else, the best way could be by measuring it by placing sample flooring.

Example: if the height of the Pallet Step from the ground floor is 35 inches, divide 35 by 7; its 3.5 inches, now when you round off the value then it would be 4 inches, and this is the rise measurement of the step. Also, you have to divide the space between the floors/no.Of risers to get the height of the riser.

Finally, calculate the total run of the stringer by multiplying the no.of risers minus one by 10 inches as per the building code requirement. Then start cutting off the stringer according to the accurate measurements, we suggest that you must start cutting the thickness of one step from the bottom to avoid uneven staircase built up.

That is all, DIY Pallet Steps done.

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