Today’s DIY – Let’s do your own Pallet at home!!

Pallet making at home is not difficult as you think. You don’t have to be a carpenter to do this. Buy the right materials with few accurate measurements, cutting guidance and some patience; you are set to make your own Pallet at home! Isn’t that amazing?! This article will guide you to make this happen.

Let’s get started.

Materials required: Pallets could be of any shape or size. In our example, we are going to make a simple pallet which is 32 inch, square shape which is 5 inches tall.

It requires

  • 3 standard 8 ft studs and a 2 inches nail box
  • Hammer
  • Saw for cutting (circular saw, hand saw, etc.)
  • A band saw for making slats

DIY Pallet:

The following are the steps to make Pallet at home,

  • Start cutting each of 3 studs into three pieces that should be 32 inches long
  • Make Slats – mark a line on the middle edge of the board to indicate where to start the cut then cut these into half using a band saw
  • Now attach the bottom slats, the 3 remaining boards are now the support pieces called stringers
  • Then, fasten the 3 slats to these stringers, and this will create the bottom of the Pallet.
  • Fasten the top slats same as for the bottom slats. But you have more options here.
  • Here, you can use all the remaining pallets to design a full pack pallet, depending on how you want your pallet to look.
  • Use the nails; screw them with the top slats

That is it, all done!

And it is easy to disassemble too. A home-made Pallet is ready to use now. However, the challenge is when working with pallets the board may split in the process and it is usual.

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